Give Hope With a Home

As the seventh most populous country in the world, Pakistan faces an unprecedented housing crisis. Years of government mismanagement, spiralling inflation and unemployment have left countless families too poor to secure a roof over their heads.

The costs of having no proper home are huge. It becomes difficult for mothers to look after their families, for children to go to school, and for breadwinners to earn a livelihood. In contrast, a proper home gives the anchor needed for a family to establish themselves and prosper.

20 Million+ People are Homeless in Pakistan

At Human Friendly, we believe a secure dwelling is the right of every family. That’s why we build new homes for widowed, orphaned and displaced families across the country, ensuring that they can remain together and achieve their aspirations.

From just £3,000, you can provide one such family with a new home. Secure a home, and a future, by donating today!