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to improve the lifestyle of underprivileged society

Your donations are valuable.

Donations are valuable. Whether it’s £1 or £100, every amount makes a difference to the lives of those in need. That’s why Human Friendly operates on a 100% donations policy.

Every penny you donate is used solely for the intended project. Nothing is removed for administration or fundraising costs. So, you can donate knowing that your every contribution improves the lives of those in need.

Dig Well For Water

We deliver water programmes in Pakistan, where water scarcity has worsened considerably in recent years. Decades of rising pollution, recurring droughts and poor urbanisation have left millions here with no regular access to clean water.

Many families, particularly in the cities, are forced to purchase their water privately from vendors. Others are compelled to drink contaminated water from uncovered sources resulting in the spread of cholera, typhoid and other diseases.

With your help, we drill boreholes to ensure residents have potable water all year round. The impact of these wells is huge. Families spend less time searching for water, less money buying it, and less hours in bed due to illness.

Join us in quenching the thirst of Pakistan’s low-families by donating a well from just £500.

Livelihoods for Life

Sustainable, robust livelihoods are the best way to raise the income levels of poor families. They bring ease, and restore a family’s dignity, aspirations and sense of self-worth.

In Pakistan, Human Friendly provides intensive training, capital support and livelihoods to help low-income families become wealthier and, thereby, independent. Single-mothers and the long-term unemployed are targeted with the resources needed to stand on their feet.

Thanks to you, the long-term impacts of this kind of work are huge. They break the need for hand-outs and kickstart local economies.

Provide a livelihood, and new life, in Pakistan for just £100.

Give Hope With a Home

As the seventh most populous country in the world, Pakistan faces an unprecedented housing crisis. Years of government mismanagement, spiralling inflation and unemployment have left countless families too poor to secure a roof over their heads.

The costs of having no proper home are huge. It becomes difficult for mothers to look after their families, for children to go to school, and for breadwinners to earn a livelihood. In contrast, a proper home gives the anchor needed for a family to establish themselves and prosper.

20 Million+ People are Homeless in Pakistan

At Human Friendly, we believe a secure dwelling is the right of every family. That’s why we build new homes for widowed, orphaned and displaced families across the country, ensuring that they can remain together and achieve their aspirations.

From just £3,000, you can provide one such family with a new home. Secure a home, and a future, by donating today!   

Support a Teacher & Community

Teachers are arguably the most important members of our society. They give children purpose and ambition, and inspire them to succeed in life. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders, and teachers are the ingredient that make this happen.

Sadly, in Pakistan, teachers aren’t given the social and financial currency that they deserve. Despite their efforts, the communities, and local authorties, they work in are often too poor to reimburse them adequately.

Its where NGOs like Human Friendly step in to ensure they are valued. We use your donations to provide monthly salaries to hard-working teachers in the country’s remote villages and towns. By removing the pressure of fees, parents can educate their children fully committed and supportive.

Support a teacher, and secure their students’ future, by donating just £100 a month!

Dignity for Widows & Orphans

The true measure of any society is how its most vulnerable are looked after. Widows and orphans fall into that category and, therefore, deserve every care and consideration to ensure they’re not left behind.

In regions such as Kashmir, where there’s little social support, widows and orphans struggle to eat and live. Many have been reduced to begging and exploitative labour just to get by. As inflation continues to spiral, so have their needs and desperation.

Kashmir has over a Quarter of Million Orphans

Human Friendly works hard in such regions to ensure such families have enough to survive. We provide monthly financial grants to help orphaned and widowed families with their household needs. Even small amounts, donated by you, go a long a way towards protecting their assets and dignity.

Help a widow or orphan family from just £30 a month. Just a £1 a pound can change a life!

Provide Food through Vouchers

A weak, malnourished child is one of the most painful sights to behold. The helplessness felt by the mother is a trial no human being should endure. In a world of rising inflation, joblessness and neglect, the phenomenon is worryingly growing, particularly amongst single mother households.  

Food vouchers are one way to ensure the food needs of such families are met. They improve the nutrition for pregnant women and children who live with little or no incomes. They also empower recipients to let them decide what they need, ensuring their specific dietary requirements are met.

Vouchers are also great for boosting local economies. By encouraging local spending, local producers and sellers, who often themselves live ‘hand to mouth’, are incentivised to increase and better their produce. 

Feed and empower a family today by giving a food voucher for just £50.

Scholarships for Success

Though education is seen as a fundamental right in modern times, it remains out of the reach of many poor and orphaned children. They lose out as a result on the skills, knowledge and practices needed to live a more fulfilling and beneficial life.

In Pakistan, to ensure that talented yet impoverished children don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach their potential, we provide them with scholarships in high-ranking universities.

The impacts of this programme have been huge. Orphans from remote farming villages have been able to pursue their dreams of academia and success. They come home ready to uplift their families and the community around them.

Support this scholarship fund and fulfil the dreams of Pakistan’s talented children by donating a small amount today.

Restore the Blessing of Health

Improving a community’s health is one of the most important tools for eradicating poverty. The number of lost outcomes due to widespread poor, yet easily eradicable, health is huge. Livelihoods are destroyed, education is missed and families are broken.

In Pakistan and Kashmir, we strive to improve and remove the barriers to good health by offering free medical clinics, surgeries and prescriptions. We also remove cataracts, provide dialysis care and give free diagnoses.

Poor patients queue up daily at our centres, seeking to remove ailments that have plagued them for years. Given the dire need for free, effective healthcare, we plan to open more clinics in different parts of the country.

Restore the priceless gift of health for a small price today.

Dig Wells for Water

Livelihoods for Life

Give Hope with a Home

Support a Teacher, Support a Community

Dignity for Widows and Orphans

Provide Food through Vouchers

Scholarships for Success

Restore the Blessing of Health


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