Dignity for Widows & Orphans

The true measure of any society is how its most vulnerable are looked after. Widows and orphans fall into that category and, therefore, deserve every care and consideration to ensure they’re not left behind.

In regions such as Kashmir, where there’s little social support, widows and orphans struggle to eat and live. Many have been reduced to begging and exploitative labour just to get by. As inflation continues to spiral, so have their needs and desperation.

Kashmir has over a Quarter of Million Orphans

Human Friendly works hard in such regions to ensure such families have enough to survive. We provide monthly financial grants to help orphaned and widowed families with their household needs. Even small amounts, donated by you, go a long a way towards protecting their assets and dignity.

Help a widow or orphan family from just £30 a month. Just a £1 a pound can change a life!